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Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Toy Haulers & Motorhomes for Sale in Alberta

Chances are, you’ve seen an RV in and around Alberta in your travels. Better yet, chances are you know or work with someone who owns an RV in Alberta. Recreational Vehicles – RVs have grown immensely in popularity over the past few years as more and more families choose to spend time together enjoying outdoor activities such as camping, boating and ATV riding under open Alberta skies!

RV use is widespread in Western Canada, and most prevalent in Alberta. You can find a variety of RVs for sale in the Alberta area. With so many RV manufacturers, RV brands and RV dealers to select from nowadays, you may find navigating the marketplace a daunting experience. My intent here is to familiarize you with the basics of RV types available for Sale so You can decide which is best for You!

Types of RV and Trailer for Sale

RV and Trailer products come in a variety of styles: Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel Trailer, Toy Hauler and Motorhomes are among the most popular RVs for Sale in Alberta. More often than not, however, you will discover that each RV is, in essence, a mobile home you can take with you on your outdoor adventures! New and Used RVs are for sale in the Edmonton area.

RV and Trailer: Travel Trailers - Towable Trailers, Trailer RVs, holiday trailers, or trailer campers are the most popular RV type found in Alberta. The widespread use of new and used travel trailers has made them a #1 choice amongst RV and Trailer campers and RV buyers in every age category. Travel Trailers attach to the bumper of your tow vehicle and can be found as new and used travel trailers for sale in sizes and floor plans that appeal to the broadest spectrum of Alberta RV buyers.

The most popular towable trailers feature bunk beds for your kids, slide out rooms for extra living space, queen beds for Mom & Dad + more! Other trailers campers are light enough to tow with a minivan – these RVs are often referred to as pop up trailers, hybrid trailers, tent trailers or ultra light trailers.

RV and Trailer: Fifth Wheels - 5th wheel trailers are towable trailers that attach to a 5th Wheel hitch located in the box of your pickup truck. Fifth Wheel RV users love the ease of towing, versatile storage and spacious living areas these mobile home RVs provide. Because 5th wheel trailer campers are available in lengths from 22’ to 43’ there are many 5th wheel RV designs to select from.

Once more, bunk bed floor plans are popular, and are towable with 1/2 to to 1 ton pickup trucks – even if they are configured with a crew cab & short box. Need the extra space found in 5th trailers but still need to bring along your Harley Davidson or quad ATVs? Consider a fifth wheel toy hauler!

RV and Trailer: Toy Haulers - One huge RV product segment in Alberta appeals to RVers that like to bring along ATVs, motorcycles or snowmobiles when they are camping. These RVs are called "Toy Haulers" and are available in both as a Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel RV Type. Toy Haulers are combination of RV living space and garage storage are for your Toys. They are often equipped with mobile fuel station, generator and oversized fresh water tanks.

RV and Trailer: Motor Homes - Long considered the most luxurious RVs, new and used motorhomes for sale at Alberta RV dealers have steadily increased in recent years. When you buy a motor home it is almost like you are making 2 purchases – an RV and an auto purchase. There are basically 3 types of RV motor homes built.

Class A Motorhomes – Many Edmonton campers enjoy the large interior space found in these beautiful RVs. Classic mobile home – or “Bus Style” RVs in lengths ranging from 25’ – 45’ these motorized campers are powered by either gas or diesel motors. New and Used class a motorhomes are for sale in Edmonton as private sales or at RV dealers.

Class B Motorhomes – Often called Van conversions or B Plus vans these smaller RVs – like truck campers – are common RVs purchased by couples looking for a smaller RV without sacrificing the mobile home feel that RV accessories add to these unique vehicles. Edmonton campers enjoy the freedom owning a Class B motor home affords them.  New and used B class RVs are readily for sale in Edmonton

Class C Motor homes – Class C campers are probably the most versatile and certainly very popular among Edmonton motorhome campers, these RVs are typically built on Ford or Chevrolet van chassis and feature a cab over bed for extra sleeping area. Due to the relative ease in driving a Class C motorhome, and because you can tow a compact car, SUV, utility trailer, aluminum boat, motorcycle or ATV trailer behind them, these popular RVs are a huge hit with couples & families! You can buy sell new and used Class C Motor homes around the Edmonton area.

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